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Paperman Fangirl Derp

So, most of you have seen the lovely Disney short "Paperman." If not, please watch. I'll wait.

So, I watched it about fifty times yesterday. And I fell in love with it. So. You see this form?

Our hero folds about a hundred of them and sails them out the window. ... so I made this thing for you, because I am one of the Nerdiest Fangirls That Has Ever Been:

You can download it over at my website. Just in time for Valentine's Day. ;)

Round 'em up, cowboy

Various and sundry:

1) I've started a mentorship program I'm calling Cupcakes & Critiques. October is the first month and it's going swimmingly. If you have any desire for fun writing assignments, feedback, brainstorming sessions, then a final 1K story-opening with critique, keep an eye out on my Facebook page on October 16th for November enrollment. I'll also being doing a NaNo-or-Not option where I'll guide and encourage you through the NaNoWriMo process with spot feedback and mini-assignments.

2) Let's play a rousing and lightning-fast game of "Guess What Lisa Is Being For Halloween":


3) I cannot get this song out of my head: