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Eye Sparkles
Various and sundry:

1) I've started a mentorship program I'm calling Cupcakes & Critiques. October is the first month and it's going swimmingly. If you have any desire for fun writing assignments, feedback, brainstorming sessions, then a final 1K story-opening with critique, keep an eye out on my Facebook page on October 16th for November enrollment. I'll also being doing a NaNo-or-Not option where I'll guide and encourage you through the NaNoWriMo process with spot feedback and mini-assignments.

2) Let's play a rousing and lightning-fast game of "Guess What Lisa Is Being For Halloween":


3) I cannot get this song out of my head:

State of the Author

MO Dammit
When I come up for air, the first words out of my mouth are usually, "This house is a wreck!" Playing catch-up usually starts at my desk.

Now tidied. Not visible: Books, CDs, lip balms in a bowl, candy stash:

Close-up of new piece of architectural salvage I found yesterday:

TARDIS USB port reclaimed during the Great Rearranging:

And what do I do at this desk, you might ask? Well... I write books. And when I'm done with a book, I do ridiculous things, like turn myself into a pin-up girl:

Absence makes

something *mumbledy* something.

Overhauling the authorly website, so news and announcements are going up over there, for the moment. Will figure out if I'm going to crosspost via some tricksy method or not, but in the meantime, have this cupcake.  :)

Compendium of Shiny

Eye Sparkles
Happy Book Birthday, SO SILVER BRIGHT paperback! You are... *sniff* the last little bird out of the theater book nest.

Coincidentally, the day after the paperback release, the series got nominated for a Mythopoeic Award for YA Literature alongside talented people like Tamora Pierce and Maggie Steifvater and Delia Sherman and Cat Valente. So I went shopping and bought myself two "award rewards":


Here, have a terrible washed out cameraphone pic of me wearing said headband:


*majestic wave of my hand pictured above* AS YOU WERE.

FaerieCon West: the write-up!

Sepia Fairy

The short of it: awesomesauce.

The long: There is too much,

let me sum up with some pictures.Collapse )

Two favorite words to type:


Oh, it is Tom-Riddled with holes, and I have a LOT of revision coming at me, but I wrote the last chapter this morning at the coffee shop.

Have I mentioned it? They have a "bottomless" French press of coffee for $4. And a TOAST bar. Local cheese, butter, and jam. <3

View from the window:

*will be mentioning them in the acknowledgments, fer sure!*

Winning NaNo

GIR yay!
The steampunk book crossed the 50K threshold this morning, so I've officially won NaNoWriMo. Given that this is my first year attempting this (since it was the first year since I've started writing novel-length fiction that I haven't had a deadline to meet in November) I has some thoughts about this.

1) YAY! I wrote fifty thousand words in twenty-seven days. That is pretty darn impressive. Most mornings, I got up an hour earlier than the rest of the household. This is a habit I plan to continue into the near year, because it made for great production and a happy writer-mom.

2) I am nowhere near being "done" with this novel. I don't write fifty-thousand word novels... mine tend to be seventy to eighty thousand. I figure I have a third of a book yet to write, and the plan is to do that over the next 2-3 weeks. The manuscript as it stands now also has all these lovely, lovely holes of "research this" and "need name here" and "what did I call that earlier???" I was filling those bits in during evening editing sessions, but quickly fell behind given that people around here like to eat dinner on a fairly regular basis and I prefer both the kids be clean and in their pajamas at some point before bed.

3) Even if I'd written eighty thousand words and typed THE END, I still wouldn't be "done" with this novel. It needs major editing. It needs proofreading. I don't have any plans of showing it to anyone anytime soon, and that includes friends, family, agent, etc. Hot copy needs time to cool. You wouldn't eat a cheesecake straight out of the oven, would ya?
Ok, maybe I will share the first few chapters with people via email. But I don't really want notes-notes. (Say that like the :"like yous" in "does he like you, or LIKE YOU like you?") I just need to hear if I've broken anything major and that it's super shiny and keep working on it dammit, it's going to take the world by storm. Notes other than that aren't helpful.

4) At least, they aren't helpful yet, anyway. When I've had a chance to let it cool, read it through, fix the major stuff, THEN I need notes-notes. The kind that make me feel vaguely stupid and want to tear out my hair because I even wrote those words in the first place and what was I thinking and this scene is slow and there's not enough tension here and go back and plant this bit earlier.

5) Even when it goes out on submission, it's not really "done" because the hope is some editor somewhere will like it enough to buy it and make me rewrite it again. Each of the theater books went through two major revisions, not including copy edits and page proofs.

6) So, the moral to the story, kids? That Emerald City is twinkling in the distance. Keep skip-walking arm-in-arm with your wobble-legged Scarecrow story.

And don't stop walking just because the calendar ticks over to December.

Metrics of triumph (and evil!)

Doctor Horrible Mwahaha
One week into NaNo, and I've got 15,477 words down on virtual paper.

In the realm of Don't Eat That and Keep Moving, I have lost a total of 17 pounds.

Both are for happy making (although I really miss candy. And by candy, I mean shoving my head in the bowl.)

The New Regimen

How&#39;s That?
Get up at five. Sneak out of bed so as not to wake the baby, who has migrated from the cosleeper and into my armpit because he's sick. Throw on clothes and furry boot-slippers. Take the dogs downstairs and let them out. Boot up the computer and make tea (Mango Ceylon, right now.) Let the dogs in and settle down with my open Word windows and Write or Die.

Do not check email.
Do not check Facebook.
Do not look at the bowl of Halloween candy.

Write 1500 words in an hour.

Spend the rest of the day futzing with said words and plotting out what I'll write tomorrow at the crack of dawn.

Also: cook, clean, chase the baby.


Day 3, and it's working. I have almost 5K of new material, and I get to spend today pulling bits from the previous draft and shoving them in, in slices and chunks of varying sizes.

It's also Day 31 of Don't Eat That and Keep Moving. I have lost 14 pounds. This is also for happy making. My goal is to be back in my slinky clothes by NorwesCon.