Paperman Fangirl Derp

Doisneau Kiss

So, most of you have seen the lovely Disney short "Paperman." If not, please watch. I'll wait.

So, I watched it about fifty times yesterday. And I fell in love with it. So. You see this form?

Our hero folds about a hundred of them and sails them out the window. ... so I made this thing for you, because I am one of the Nerdiest Fangirls That Has Ever Been:

You can download it over at my website. Just in time for Valentine's Day. ;)

Dreamcasting Ariel

No Air

If you're not following this season of So You Think You Can Dance, the rest of this is not going to make much sense.

But here's my boy Cole.

Here is my boy Cole in two of the most beautiful/brilliantly danced routines I've seen on the show:

And then this is the Twitter exchange I had this morning:

If you need me, I will be over here, fanning myself.

Hello, Boys

Bite Your Lip
Working on a short piece, thinking about bad boys this morning... needing to fix a mental picture of New Character in my head sent me looking for pics...

and so, just for the pretty, have the Dream Cast for the Theater Boyz:

Nate, played by the scruffiest version of Ben Barnes I could find:

And Ariel played by a shirtless Harry Shum Jr:

OM NOM NOM *cougar meow*

Above all things

Mucha Summer
Art from readers makes me happiest.

"Why We Don't Let Peaseblossom Do Our Hair: "

A Quick Sketch by EliCollapse )

This isn't even mine

And I am so squee, it's hurting me. Here's the Behind The Mic special for Full Cast Audio's production of GRACELING. Zachary Exton (Prince Po) is playing Nate in their production of ELS, so I've listened to the entire video... erm... at least five times this morning. XD

With My Freeze-Ray I Will

Doctor Horrible
Stop. The woooorld.

*MAD LOVE* Act One of Doctor Horrible is live here.

I am learning that first song to sing to random strangers at WorldCon.

"Here I go, mumbling..."

And now, in a total moment of WTF, Lis? I have the lyrics to the Freeze Ray song all typed out:

Better than a Valentine....

Indiana Jones
(ganked from frankwu)

The trailer to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

*chants with glee*  MAY 22! MAY 22! MAY 22!

Best. Book Signing. Evar.

Love love love
And also, why I will love Neil until the day I die.

Many thanks to canarynoir for the head's up on this...