Freeze Ray Dance

A “League of Extraordinary Redheads” informal event will also be scheduled (watch my Facebook page for updates!) If you’re going to be in the Seattle area over Easter Weekend, come see me! :)

Saturday, 10 am
Cascade 5
Writing for the Young and Young at Heart

Writing YA is about more than using small words.  What does it take to make your YA story shine?
Lisa Mantchev (M), Dennis R. Upkins, Dierdre Phoenix

Saturday 2 pm
Grand 2
Autograph Session 1

Saturday, 3:30 pm
Cascade 1

Lisa Mantchev reads from the third book in her young adult fantasy series, So Silver Bright. There will also be fairies, mayhem, prizes, and sweets! Rated G

Sunday, 11 am
Cascade 5
Hurt the kids

Why is a child in danger is one of the classic story tools and why it’s often the hardest to use.
S. A. Bolich (M), Peter Dennis Pautz, Lisa Mantchev, Clinton J. Boomer

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